Why Choose Magnetic Eyelashes?

As the name suggests, magnetic lashes are not stuck on and instead tiny magnets secure the lashes to one another as well as your lash line. The magnets are completely invisible and fully lock the lash. Some lashes provide as many as four magnets for a secure hold while others are fitted with three. With these magnetic lashes, your natural eyelashes are sandwiched between two strips that are held together by magnets. Magnet eyelashes have made quite a splash on the beauty scene and we know our clients are going to love these products.

Magnetic Eyelashes

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Lashy Magnetics

Providing High Quality Magnetic Eyelashes 

Magnetic Eyelashes

Fitting Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnet lashes can be fitted easily and the products we sell provide a fantastic user experience. Typically, you need need to trim the lash so that it fits perfectly with your natural lash line. After that we recommend you apply mascara to give the product plenty of grip. Once you have done this, you can apply one magnetic lash across the natural lash line before applying the second underneath. The magnets will do the rest, locking the products in place. Once you have fitted the eyelashes you will have a flawless finish that looks completely natural and will provide you with a killer style.

Not all magnetic eyelashes are made equal and at Lashy Magnetics, we provide nothing short of the absolute best. Our lashes look terrific, are easy to fit and incredibly durable. Providing fantastic value for money, our magnetic eyelashes cannot be rivalled on the market.

Removing the magnetic lashes is simple as well. With our product you only need to gently pull them apart from one another. You can do this by lifting the top one up and the bottom one down. We advise our clients not to pull the lashes straight off as this could damage your natural eyelashes. Instead, you can simply use your thumb and index finger to move the lashes apart. Some products require special tweezers for them to be removed effectively. Ours are easy enough to remove simply using your hands although we do provide tools to assist you.

The Big Benefits From Our Magnetic Lashes

Are you wondering whether magnetic eyelashes are the right choice for you?  We think you’ll love the benefits that these eyelashes provide. Standard fake ashes that are glued on can be a complete mess. If you don’t have professional help with your lashes, then you can end up with a final result that doesn’t match what you’d hoped for. As well as this, using stick on lashes you will always be taking the chance that they could spoil your natural look.

You won’t have this problem with our magnetic false eyelashes. This product is designed to be a low maintenance, lovely alternative to the standard products that you have used before. Sexy, chic and completely innovative, you’ll find that these lashes are simple enough that anyone can apply them with no professional help. Used correctly there’s also no chance that they are going to ruin your natural eyelashes either.

As well as providing a cool new product for your look, our clients will also love how durable and long lasting these lashes are. In fact, they are so strong that you can use them again and again, offering the perfect accessory to always complete your style.

Our Magnetic Eyelashes Are Better Than The Rest

When we say our magnetic lashes look incredible and feel fantastic, we truly mean it. These lashes provide a superior look and hold to others on the market that will ensure you can get the absolutely flawless style that you deserve. You’ll find our products provide fantastic value for money too! As well as being reusable, you won’t be disappointed with the results you get wearing these. They offer a flawless finish guaranteed to take your breath away.

All our products are completely hand made which mean that we can offer a guarantee of quality on every product we ship. Customer care is our top priority and we will never sell a product that we aren’t absolutely certain you’re going to love every time you use them.

While you can you can apply our products with your fingers, you’ll find that we all supply a fantastic plastic pair of tweezers perfect for ensuring that they are placed with incredible precision. While some sellers supply or ask you to use your own metal tweezers, we know this can play havoc with the magnets. This is a simple solution that will ensure the best possible results when you choose our magnetic lashes for your style.

Choose From A Variety Of Product Packages

Variety is the spice of life and that’s why you’ll find a range of different magnetic lashes product packages suitable for your needs. If you’re keen to experiment and explore different styles, you can benefit from a pack that provides four unique options.

Or, select your favorite style of fake eyelashes with a winged boxset. These will be perfect for individuals who have already chosen the type that suits them best.

Don’t forget, our magnetic eyelashes will also make the perfect gift. If you have a loved one or friend that adores using fake eyelashes, then we think this could be the perfect present for them. Introduce them to our wonderful magnetic lashes and they’ll never go back to the old stick on variety.

If you’ve never used magnetic eyelashes before and are keen to try them for the very first time, you can select one of our smaller boxes or packets. All products are sold in high-quality packaging and casing to ensure that they arrive in absolute pristine condition. They’ll also ready to use straight out the box.

All our products are also available with free shipping. We aim to keep our costs efficient and then pass the savings onto you with these great deals. Don’t wait, try our magnetic false eyelashes today and discover a whole new world of low maintenance style.

Choose The Perfect Style For You

We have magnetic eyelashes and other fake eyelashes in a range of different styles and designs to choose from. Since all our products match our high-quality standards you can find the false eyelashes that suit you best and fit your individual style.

Interested in how to apply magnetic lashes? visit our guide today to learn.